Horoscope Quickies March 16 Sun in Pisces

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Pisces- think before you speak then think again.

Aries- don't worry about doing it big this week. Get task done that are meaningful

Taurus- consider this situation more of a gray area or middle ground

Gemini- put the small pieces together for the big picture

Cancer- everybody is as stressed as you. Be sympathetic

Leo- joy is contagious, try spreading that

Virgo- you get it, don't stress the details

Libra- know how to ask for what you want before you ask for what you want

Scorpio- you may want to watch your budget

Sagittarius- take all the opportunities life hands you today

Capricorn- this will come up on the test of life. If you pretend to listen you won't know the answer

Aquarius- what you thought may not be true. Be willing to change your views