Weekend Horoscope Quickies March 19-21 Sun in Pisces/Aries

It's time for the Astrological New Year! Get the full break down in my podcast Astrology & Chill on iHeart and Spotify

Pisces-this weekend look at your money. Start doing things you've been talking about like saving or investing

Aries- if it disrupts your peace don't get involved

Taurus- it's time to take flight! No more playing the background you're the Beyonce

Gemini- Foot on gas time! You planned it not it's time for action

Cancer- professional goals have your full focus. Take the blinders off and go get what you want

Leo- want to learn a new language? Consider getting started in the Astro New Year

Virgo- you want to build with a partner, the universe supports move

Libra- you've been contemplating that degree or certification....here's your sign to get into it

Scorpio- take a good look at your lifestyle and make sure it works for you

Sagittarius- when creativity hits don't hesitate to get it done

Capricorn- your home is the focus. Creating routines that allows you more time to relax

Aquarius- it's time to speak up!!

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