Horoscope Quickies March 23 Sun in Aries

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Aries- you got more ideas than your giving yourself credit for

Taurus- Are you sure you need that? Listen to your intuition

Gemini- you're somebody's favorite don't worry about being everybody's

Cancer- you feel good and there's no shame in that

Leo- you're shining from the inside today, it's beautiful!

Virgo- You want to plan for the future but it's best to plan for today

Libra- it's ok to choose rest today

Scorpio- your irresistible today, use it to your advantage

Sagittarius- you and your partner are prefect compliments

Capricorn- get out the house and make something shake today

Aquarius- ask the questions and apply the answers

Pisces- go with the flow of everything today

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