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Horoscope Quickies March 24 Sun in Aries

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Aries- you could move it quicker if you were disciplined

Taurus- take risk but also practice caution

Gemini- make sure your affirmations reflect how bomb you are

Cancer- can you describe what you're working on? If you can't it's because you don't know

Leo- feeling good and looking great. This week has complimented you so far

Virgo- There are ways to handle a narcist aggression is not one of them

Libra- don't focus so much on one person you miss opportunities

Scorpio- use extra caution today especially with money

Sagittarius- you may be right but there's a way to handle it

Capricorn- making decisions feeling way too tasking today. Take a break

Aquarius- today is the perfect day to implement some changes

Pisces- you may have to do something you don't want for family nice

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