New Astrology and Chill Episode: Aries Season and Chill

Happy New Year…astrologically of course! Ready for that foot on gas season? Aries season is here and it’s time to get to know their energy.

The beginning of the astrological new year starts with the ram. They are considered the babies of the zodiac. Their energy is bold and ambitious. Ruled by the planet of aggression Mars this fire sign is known for well their aggression, but they are a cardinal energy, they welcome change and transition like Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The misconceptions are Aries are mean, but they really practice the take no shit and get shit done ideology

We start the week with a 1stQuarter moon, Mars-Saturn Trine, and a Mercury-Uranus sextile. Sextiles are disruptive as hell so get ready to see you’re not so pretty side in communication. It’s not band it give you’re a chance to glow up for your bad behavior. Oh, and Venus uncomfortably sits in Aries so yea disruption! Tuesday is when our self-centered behavior that started the week really gets messy. A Mercury-Mars square leaves us loud and possibly wrong, I mean even if you’re right is the way you talked to them righteous? I’ll save you sometime with a nope!You can find Astrology and Chill on iHeart, Spotify, Apple, or where ever you get your podcast.