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Weekend Horoscope Quickies March 26-27 Sun in Aries Full Moon in Libra

This weekend we have a Full Moon in Libra, the worm moon!. It's referred to as the Worm Moon in the south because it's normally when you see earthworms appear. In the north is the crust moon because the snow is melting giving a crusty appearance. Basically all signs of Spring!! Capricorn, Aries and Libra will be the most affected under this moon. Get the full break down in my podcast Astrology & Chill on iHeart and Spotify

Aries- Your future could manifest beautifully if you're willing to be disciplined

Taurus- now is the time to really trust your intuition and dive into what you really want

Gemini- be realistic or your future will suffer. Stop recklessly spending and convincing yourself your work is done

Cancer- inevitable changes are headed your way

Leo- you feel boxed in either at work, home, or in life in general. You have the power to change it but do you have the courage?

Virgo- you now know what you want, if you accept it then you can move forward in bliss

Libra- you are harboring fear and anxiety and that's the hurtle. Ground yourself and reup

Scorpio- don't get so hell bent on manifesting something that you miss out on important details

Sagittarius- is it worth it to be right or at the top if you have to risk your integrity or righteousness?

Capricorn- team work really makes the dream work. Make sure your team is quality

Aquarius- Say (verbal and nonverbal) exactly what you mean without assuming anyone knows what you mean

Pisces- If not now then very soon you'll know what real inner happiness is

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