A Local Family is in Need of Your Help

So many of us spent 4th of July feeling like normalcy had returned after a year long pandemic. While the normal we knew was far from back. It was even further away for Niyah Bradley and her siblings.

The Delta Variant of COVID-19 has been heavy in the news most of the summer. It's the exact variant that claimed the life of Dawn Bradley 10 days after contraction. Dawn, a mother of 5 with 3 of her children still living in the home she created, Peter (18), Kristen (17) and TJ (15). Her daughters Chayna (31) and Niyah (27) both lived out of state. Niyah Bradley, permanently returned to the home and assumed full responsibility of the house hold during her mothers illness and after her passing. 

Before the Bradley children had time to grieve they would find themselves homeless and battling for compassion. I sat down with Niyah forr the full rundown. Scroll down to watch the interview or listen to the audio.

Here's the GoFund Me

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