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Horoscope Quickies for December 1

Sagittarius- partnerships need balance. Don't take more than you get and don't get more than you give.

Capricorn- There's a chance everyone is saying the same thing but nobody is listening.

Aquarius- there are a few reroutes ahead of you. It's nothing to worry about because you are flexible enough for a change in plans.

Pisces- there are things that are out of your control but that doesn't mean you're a victim.

Aries- it's new and exciting. It's ok you don't have it all figured out part of this moment is about becoming a student

Taurus- a major phase in life is ending but it's making way for a new one to start. Sounds good but it doesn't always feel like that.

Gemini- Your ability to get things done when you focus is amazing. This could become obsessives if you're not careful.

Cancer- it's time to make that investment. Not just in financial terms but anywhere you've been thinking about doing or giving more.

Leo- it's not a bad idea to jump into action. It's a bad idea to jump in without being realistic.

Virgo- change doesn't always happen quickly. You have time to take your time.

Libra- things may feel a little messy right now. You want things but you're not sure how to get them, a lot of changes are happening. Take your time dealing with them

Scorpio- either you're in a position to give and help or you should receive when help is being offered.

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