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Aries Season 2023: Time to Go Big

Happy Astro New Year! The shadow work starts to slow up and all the investments we made come alive. Time to do it big big, I mean have you ever met an Aries that didn't take on challenges like they were invincible. Let's get in to break down of the week. If you want more check out my podcast Astrology and Chill, the link is below

Mar 20 — Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn is an alignment that could inspire you to get all you ever dreamed of! That doesn't mean you don't put in the work. In fact, you'll reap whatever you work for!

Mar 20 — Sun enters Aries/Spring Equinox for the astro new year! The first day of Spring and a true new year new you! Aries is confidence, enthusiastic, and courageous. If you find yourself taking on these characteristics, go with the flow!

Mar 21 — New moon in Aries gives us a chance for a fresh start! It may take a little faith but don't let anything stop you from building the life you desire even if it gets a little challenging.

Mar 22 — Ceres, the asteroid that represents nurturing is retrograde and enters Virgo a very practical and hardworking sign. If your routine doesn't work you're about to be aware of it. Remain flexible and make changes where necessary.

Mar 23 — Pluto the planet of transformation enters Aquarius the sign that loves a good change! It'll be a short stay this time but it will dip in and out of Aquarius over the next decade bringing lots of change so take notes because these changes will ante up every time.

Mar 25 — Mars the warrior planet enters nostalgic Cancer bringing the fight to the homefront. Peace and rest should be fixtures in your home, if it's not you'll soon find out!


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