#TrendingTopics - Lil Xan Flashing - Boosie Hates AA - Khaled Is Suing Who?

DJ KHALED: More About That Billboard Disqualification

So last week I mention that Khaled was upset with Billboard... Welp! Now I'm getting more details about the situation!

Billboard thinks there’s something sketchy about the company that makes Awake Energy Shot. Specifically, that retailer Market America is part of a multi-level marketing scheme. Back in 2017, Market America was hit with a racketeering lawsuit and allegations of being an “illegal pyramid scheme” that unfairly targets Chinese-American immigrants.

WOW!!! Anyway, Khaled is planning a "major lawsuit" against Billboard. Meanwhile, Billboard has re-evaluated its rules about bundling deals and plans to announce changes next year.

Lil Xan was caught on camera pulling a gun on a fan who confronted him at a LA gas station about his disrespect of Tupac. Xan wrote on Instagram that he knows the media will try to twist what happened, but he was actually just acting in self defense.

And finally, there's raw and then there's Boosie Badazz! Who recently went off on American Airlines after an employee stopped him and his children from boarding a plane... Which caused him to miss a pool party, Boosie was mad he said the worker deserves a bullet in the face and hopes the airline’s planes crash.

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