#TrendingTopics - T.I.'s Poor Parenting Choices

T.I.: Trending Topic for Poor Parenting Choices

T.I.’s entire family turned into a trending topic on Wednesday when he revealed a questionable parenting strategy.

While discussing parenting on the Ladies Like Us podcast, Tip talked about the lengths he goes to make sure his teenage daughter remains a virgin. Even though Deyjah is 18 years old, Tip says they take “yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen” where he stays in the room with the doctor during the check-up.

Most folks on social media see a big problem with the way T.I. is raising his daughter, who is now a legal adult.

MASTER P: Make 'Em Say Boo

Master P and the No Limit Soldiers recently reunited for a special reunion show in St. Louis.

The problem was the crowd, which turned on the No Limit crew after delays that lasted over two hours and a disorganized stage show that featured a bunch of 30-second snippets strung together. Fans who were expecting a more substantial performance booed Master P when he thanked them for showing up. He said, “It’s been 20 years for us man. And this is the first time ever No Limit Records has ever been in St. Louis, and I want to thank y’all for all the support y’all showed us tonight.”

Despite the No Limit boss’s gratitude, the majority of the crowd still voiced displeasure by booing them off the stage, and walking out mid-show. A final attempt at crowd participation even fell flat, when Master P couldn’t get anyone to say they were “bout it, bout it.”

CHRIS BROWN: Cops Try to Derail Yard Sale

Chris Brown’s yard sale kicks off today in Tarzana, California.

Breezy posted his home address on social media earlier this week, encouraging fans to come by with cash to cop some deeply discounted designer clothing. Even before the sale was set to start, dozens of people lined up on the sidewalk for a chance to have a look at the racks and racks of clothing set up outside under tents.

We hear the cops tried to shut it down, telling him he needed a permit. But Breezy’s lawyer looked into it and disagreed, claiming that permits are not required in the city of Los Angeles.

The crowd control plan is to only let 10 people onto the property at a time, leaving the others standing on line on the sidewalk.

By 8 a.m., there were already three-dozen potential shoppers and a half-dozen police cruisers, to protect “the safety of the people who are there.”

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