What Makes the Perfect Friday Night At The Crib?

It’s a good chance you’ll probably spend another Friday night at the crib tonight. I mean, that’s probably where a lot of Friday nights has been spent this year… Until high school football came along… But with all that being said… What makes a Good Friday in? 

Well, survey asked people for the elements of the perfect Friday night in. Wanna hear’em? Here they go!

1. Done with work by 5:52 P.M.

2. Cheesecake for dessert.

3. Chilling on the couch or in the bed binge watching a show

4. Having a beer or glass of wine.

5. Spending 27 minutes on social media.

6. Taking a bubble bath.

7. In bed by 10:56 P.M.

The survey also found 75% of people say they would rather have a Friday night in than a Friday night out… Even if there was no pandemic.