#TrendingTopics - Drake's NFL Playlist - Lil Nas X Has A Baby Registry

Drake: Picking Playlists for Monday Night Football

Drake is taking his talents to the NFL... And no, Drizzy isn’t signing to a team instead, he’s been tapped to help Monday Night Football in the playlist department.

ESPN reports that Drake will be in charge of selecting music for 10 games this upcoming season, noting that he’ll use a mix of his own music plus tracks from other artists.

I wonder if Jay-Z partnership with the NFL’s has anything to do with this.

Lil Nas X: New Montero "Baby Registry"

So if don’t like the way Strange’, I meant Lil Nas X has been trolling social media with his baby bump promoting his album, well, he aint done yet!!!

Now, he’s launching the Baby Montero baby registry, but instead of asking for gifts, he’s asking fans to donate to some non-profit groups…

Like The Bail Project, which pays bail for people who are not financially capable of doing so themselves… Bros in Convo and Happy Hippie, just to name a few

He’s actually donating to 15 groups, 1 for each track

Boosting streaming numbers while raising awareness and funds for charities? Sounds like a win-win.

Anyway Montero drops next Friday.

Akon: “Famous & Rich People Go Through More Issues Than Poor People”

And finally! The RICH person saying DUMB stuff award goes to Akon!

Akon recently said that the rich & famous have it tougher than people living in poverty.

He said that they go through more issues than the poor, “They say, ‘More money, more problems.’ That’s a real thing.”

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