Dumb Dummy Of The Week - No It's Not A Prescription

Just yesterday I mentioned that the NBA won't randomly test for marijuana, and in my opinion it makes sense… Seeing as in most states it’s legal, recreationally or medicinally

But that’s not the case with all drugs… 

46-year-old Matthew Cusumano of Florida was riding his bike on the Beach around 3am the other morning…

And was stopped by a cop because he didn’t have any lights on his bike… (Is that a law, or I guess it is in Florida, I don’t know)

Anyway, after running his info, the cops found out he had an outstanding warrant for not showing up to court on drug charges. So of course, they searched him and ended up finding more drugs. 

He had two glass pipes and some METH on him… And believe it or not, when the cops asked Matthew what it was, he admitted it was methamphetamine.

Was he high you might ask? Well he was riding his bike on the beach at 3 in the morning, so probably…

But get this, he claimed it was okay, why was it okay you might ask? Well because it was MEDICINAL meth, and he had a prescription for it. 

There actually is a form of meth that doctors DO prescribe for ADHD and weight loss, it’s called Desoxyn. But it comes in a pill, and his meth was in crystal form in a bag 

So for obvious reasons, his excuse didn't work. Matthew was arrested for possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

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