#TrendingTopics - YoungBoy Fans Want Him Out Of Jail - Omarion & Fizz Good

NBA YOUNGBOY Fans Plead for His Freedom

So fans are hoping to get NBA YoungBoy out of jail by sending an online petition to President Biden.

The petition, which has more than 100,000 signatures, is asking Biden to free YoungBoy before his 22nd birthday on October 20th.

The fans who started the petition say he's no danger, but is "a kind-hearted soul who was mistreated and targeted by the F.B.I and Louisiana Police Department.."

And just a side note on this situation, the petition says YoungBoy was never read his Miranda rights -- which is probably enough to give him a break.

Omarion says Lil Fizz’s apology for dating his ex was “appropriate”

Omarion believes Lil Fizz’s apology to him during the first stop of the “Millennium Tour” was the right thing to do. 

During an interview with TMZ, he reflected on the moment, saying that it wasn't expected, but was definitely appropriate. However, he confirmed that there will be no new music from B2K as a group.

Snapchat To Offer 25k Prizes For Top Videos

Snapchat is offering 25-thousand-dollar prizes for top videos made by creators. The company will roll out "Spotlight Challenges" that require users to use a specific augmented reality lens or a certain audio clip. 

Three to five Snapchat creators will be awarded for every challenge with submissions being reviewed on creativity and originality. 

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