#TrendingTopics - MLK Weekend - Jasmine Guy Speaks On Cosby - New Scream

King Family To Lead DC March For Voting Rights On MLK Day

It’s MLK weekend and in honor of the slain civil rights leader, his son and his family will lead a march in Washington to demand action on voting rights…

On Monday, Martin Luther King the Third, his wife and their daughter, will lead a march across the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. They'll then join the city's annual Memorial Peace Walk. They're urging President Biden and the Senate to pass federal voting rights legislation.

Jasmine Guy Calls Bill Cosby Scandal ‘Heartbreaking’ for The Black Community

Bill Cosby’s public fall from grace is still fresh for many figures from his past — including “A Different World” actress Jasmine Guy. Who says she struggled to believe the allegations at first… And that it’s heartbreaking for those in the business that admire him, his talent and his mind — and then as a black person it’s heartbreaking because he meant a lot to the community.”

W. Kamau Bell is binging a four-part docuseries to Showtime Bill Cosby January 30th. “We Need to Talk About Cosby”

The New "Scream" Movie Hits Theaters

"Scream" 5 is in theaters, The fifth installment, which is called "Scream" like the first film, brings back original stars Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette, and takes place 25 years after the first film in 1996. Now even tho this one is not directed by Wes Craven, early reviews are calling it a bloody, funny, thrill ride that honors the director's legacy.    

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