Greater Gulf State Fair Is Happening, With Some Changes Due To COVID-19

Good news from the Greater Gulf State Fair... there's still going to be a Fair, despite the Coronavirus. That means fair rides, fair food, and on grounds family entertainment (with socially distant circles for shows).

Dates are set for November 6th through November 22nd (closed on Mon and Tues).

Because of COVID-19, there will be changes:

There will be an attendance cap at approximately 7,000 people to allow enough room to socially distance (50 square feet per person at that limit).

More entry points, to avoid crowded lines.

Nothing inside the main building (no Ron Barrett display!); everything will take place outdoors.

No grandstand entertainment (to avoid dense crowds and because not a lot of acts are touring right now)

There will be a clean team working to keep things wiped down, as well as over 300 sanitation stations set up throughout the fairgrounds.

And face coverings will be required.

Tickets are on sale and are fully refundable if the Fair has to cancel due to COVID-19.

The best way to keep up with the Fair is with the app (see below)

(Photo: Getty Images)