MBDA Business Center Opens In Miami

The federal government’s Minority Business Development Agency is giving $5 million for a Miami-based MBDA Business Center.

Operated by M. Gill & Associates, the center will offer a short course in business management, and will focus on operational efficiencies, financial management and emerging technology like cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, best practices and social media marketing.

Minority business owners will have access to free consulting on business development, export market plans and mentorship, and be advised and mentored by M. Gill & Associates.

Marie Gill, the organization’s founder, says she helps minority-owned businesses gain access to capital, contracts and domestic and international growth through exports. Gill, says South Florida’s economy is brimming with opportunity, but many local businesses need help.

“Miami is booming, but we have to empower the businesses that are already here and make sure they don’t get left behind,” she said.

The Minority Business Development Agency is a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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