One Of The Largest Black Law Student Classes in Harvard School History!

Some of the leading trailblazers of our time graduated from Harvard Law School. Most notably, our forever first family members, Barack and Michelle Obama. 28 years since Barack Obama graduated and just two years since the Harvard Law Review elected the first Black womanto lead the student run publication, Harvard, now has one of the largest classes of Black law students in its history.

The class of 2021 currently has over 60 students from the African Diaspora. Students Armani Madison, Shane Fowler, and Daniel Oyolu organized a class photoshoot to celebrate. 

“When applying, we were motivated by the narratives and the pictures shared by law school students and graduates of color. It provided inspiration and showed that we can, and we will succeed. As current law students at Harvard, we each have incredible journeys and a sense of purpose that led us here. Our stories reflect excellence despite the obstacles that affect us as people of color in this country. We know that the number of Black law school applicants across the country has steadily declined. Through the pictures we have been sharing, it is our goal to encourage and empower our younger peers to dream big. We hope to show young people of color that there are folks like them thriving in these types of spaces and that they can, too.” 

We love it and we look forward to the amazing things you can and will do!


Nina Rawz


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