Beyonce: New Album Same Day as 'Lion King' Blue Ivy Gets Writing Credit

Queen Bey dropped her new album "The Lion King: The Gift" the same day as"The Lion King" hits theaters.

Some might say it may be the soundtrack for your summer. "I grew up watching The Lion King," she added. It's the first Disney movie brought me to tears." Beyonce explained.

Its really dope that, Queen Bey included her daughter Blue Ivy on the writing credits.

Beyonce's compilation album "The Lion King: The Gift," features artists like Childish Gambino(Donald Glover aka Simba in the movie),Kendrick Lamarand Pharrell. The singer's husband Jay-Z is also on the album, as well as Blue Ivy.


The music video for one of the songs off Beyoncé's new album, "Spirit", hit the internet earlier this week and it's absolutely breathtaking‼️‼️

Nina Rawz


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