Mom Holds Job Fair For Her Kids

Salute to this Mom!!! Instead of just giving her kids an allowance, Shaketha Marion McGregor is giving them actual job titles and duties. Her innovative idea that she posted on Facebook has has been shared more than 114,000 times. 

This mom of three showed that she was "NOW HIRING" for three positions: laundry supervisor, lead housekeeper and kitchen manager for her company called "This Mom Means Business." AND she developed a MOM CREDIT UNION. This is Genius! This teaches her children so much responsibility.

She came up with the idea after she had to replace a lot of items she lost during a tragedy.

"We lost a lot of things last year in a house fire and so I've been really working hard to recover the things that we need," McGregor said. "And my children continued to ask for things that they want so I figured it'll be best to have them earn it."

The kids were doing chores around the house even before they got hired, but "they would bump heads about who can do what." Now that they have specified job descriptions, that won't be a problem anymore.

"They used to get an allowance but I had to stop with that for a little due to financial hardships," McGregor said. "I was hired as an correctional officer this past week and would be able to start paying them again as soon as next week."

Nina Rawz


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