New Apartments On The Way Pensacola

Developers are planning to preserve an old school board building in downtown Pensacola and turn it into a mixed-use apartment project.

The development group '200 Garden Street' is spearheading a plan to revamp the former Escambia County School Board building and turn it into dorms for University of West Florida students.

"Where folks could live in smaller spaces but share the community spaces of a building like community areas to study or eat, cook or socialize," said consultant Danny Zimmern.

Zimmern said surrounding buildings will be demolished to make room for an apartment complex and retail space.

He said it's unclear how much the units would cost, but Zimmern believes they'll be close to market rate.

"Conceptually we're approved to build 250 or so market-rate units that are more traditional with living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms," said Zimmern.

Photo: WEAR-TV

We talked to people who live in the area who believe the concept is a great opportunity for students to be able to experience downtown living.

"Who wants to be on campus 24-7 you know? If there's a dormitory available in the downtown area, I would take the opportunity bars, different foods," said Pensacola resident Anthony Shepherd.

They also like the idea of preserving Pensacola's history.

"I think that any opportunity to rejuvenate an old historic building in Pensacola... to provide more benefits to students in order to have accessibility and proximity in order to really appreciate what Pensacola has to offer," said Pensacola resident Sydney Smart.

The project is in its early stages. It still has a bit to go before you could see construction begin.

Source: WEAR-TV

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