Nick Cannon Picks Fight With 50 Cent


I wish Em would just come on now and slaughter this dude. LOL

After Em' snubbed Cannon’s repeated invites to Wild ’N’ Out and multiple attempts to continue their diss war, Nick has turned to Em’s former protege. Cannon posted a picture from Django Unchained to his Instagram with the caption: “@50Cent since Massa is incapacitated, we cordially invite you to come to the show and get his smoke.” 

The invite is technically a response to Fif' posting a picture of Cannon posing in a blue bikini top, with a caption about how nobody cares about Nick’s diss records.

50 Cent is real cocky when he's taking shots on social media. Let's see him keep that same energy face-to-face.  NOW im ready for 50's clap back!

Nina Rawz


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