CHRIST BEARER: Rapper Who Cut Off Johnson Gets Married

Christ Bearer, the Wu-Tang affiliated rapper who cut off his penis and jumped from his second-floor apartment building in a mental breakdown in 2014, got married earlier this week.

The rapper, who's real name is Andre Johnson, tied the knot with his girlfriend of six months in a small ceremony on Monday. He tells TMZ they're also planning to have a larger ceremony at some point and he has big plans for 2020 including a new album. His gruesome 2014 incident was believed to be a suicide, although he denies it and states that he was extremely high on PCP during the incident and had been reading about monks and vasectomies.

His gruesome 2014 incident was believed to be a suicide attempt although he dienies it and says he was extrememly high on PCP that day and had been studing vascetomies

Nina Rawz


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