Virtual Sista Strut 2020 July 25th!

Virtual Sista Strut 2020 July 25th


Note *Even if you do not plan on walking your $35 donation will go along way. Thank you for your contribution!*

  • Our mission is to help raise money, awareness, and community support for Breast Cancer, specifically in the African American community
  • This year, we invite you to #StrutTheStreets2020 and walk with us virtually!
  • On Saturday July 25th, get your team together in a place of your choosing and WALK!
  • Post on social media using #StrutTheStreets2020 to show your love and support
  • Our goal is to cover the neighborhoods of Mobile, AL with friends and neighbors walking together – JOIN US!


Email us here:

The goal of Sista Strut is to heighten awareness about the issues of breast cancer in women of color, as well as provide information on community resources. Studies show that African American women are more likely to get breast cancer at a younger age and have a death rate from breast cancer greater than that of Caucasian women of the same age.Sista Strut recognizes the strength of survivors, their family and friends, heightens awareness, promotes early detection and the search for a cure.

· African American women in the US have a 41% higher death rate from breast cancer than white women.

· African American women are more likely than white women to be diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40 and are more likely to be diagnosed with larger tumors.

· Awareness of these issues will help survival rates with earlier diagnoses.

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